Application Key - second Hue Bridge

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi
    • OH: OH 4.0.4

First Hue Bridge is connected to a router directly connected to the Frontier router.

New Hue Bridge is connected to a ‘bridge’ in another room.

I’ve added a second Hue bridge after hitting the max of 62 bulbs. The two bridges appear in the iOS app and I’m able to control lights on both bridges.

I added the second bridge to OH and I get a configuration error and have a missing application key. I’ve tried to press the button on the new Hue Bridge to populate the app key with no luck.

I tried going to the cli console without any luck and I’ve tried a curl command that I found on the search bar with no luck.

Is there any way to look up or manually assign an application key for a second Hue Bridge?

Are you using API v2 or v1? But either way, it may help if you temporarily power off your original bridge, and disable the respective bridge thing in OH while you are trying to configure the new one.

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Thank you SO much for the quick response and solution!!