Approach for a "complex" visualisation UI sought

I’m currently in progress of sourcing our heating boiler installation with about 150 items into Openhab; yes it’s a more complex solution with two wood fired boilers, buffer tanks and so on.
I would like to build a visualisation UI that might show about 40 of the most important parameters, providing the following features, now looking on how to approach this:

  • A hand drawn schematic picture should provide kind of the static background
  • Relevant numbers from the ~40 things should be overlayed, maybe as numbers, maybe as widgets. So they must be assigned to certain positions in the picture
  • Optionally these numbers would be clickable for further analysis
  • Optionally 2 or 3 small charts would be added to the total picture, dynamicall filled

One of the aspect of this is to increase the WAF (woman acceptance factor) of the time I’m currently spending with all that openhab stuff ,-)) The more real aspect is to have everything in a simple picture instead of boring tables and numbers.
If the solution works well I have four more “blocks of data” which I’d like to display like that.

I have some basic ideas from the Openhab documentation about UI but currently lack totally the idea how to work with that idea of a picture and superimposed numbers - not even how to implement them clickable.
I’m ok to work myself into the details, but maybe it’s near to impossible with OH and some other product which hooks up to OS’s REST API would to the job?

Thanks for any comments,

You’re looking for a Floorplan Page.

Nice, that seems indeed what I’m looking for. Thanks for pointing me to this feature!