Appropriate use of author/maintainer

I’ve volunteered recently to take over, submit, and maintain the defunct Ring binding. It was built for OH2.5 and never submitted, I’ve pulled it into OH4 and resolved several issues in preparation for a review/merge. As per policy I believe I need to update the normal @author section of the java to identify myself. That said, I don’t want to take credit for the previous author’s work. What is the appropriate syntax for that section? Thanks!

Keep original author and add a new @author line in files you enhanced if you like,

I’ve had to touch almost every file at this point for a variety of reasons (but fixes, enhancements, changes to get from OH2.5 to OH4, etc). I guess I’ll just add a second @author line then and just list it as maintainer or something along those lines. Thanks!

I think the usual syntax is

 * @author Random Dude Initial contribution
 * @author John Doe Adapt to OH4 code base

(or something among those lines)
Maintainer role is somewhat irrelevant there, because the author line says what was done, not why.