Apt upgrade or brand new install?

Trying to plan my next “apt-upgrade”:

have openhab core. openhab2-offline

If I understand correctly I have to update the repository:

export all of my things/items:

backup all of my manually entered sitemaps etc:

then apt-upgrade and pray nothing breaks then “import” the elements backed up above?

Does this not sound like a brand new install and manual configuration as it looks to me like pretty much everything that is user configured is impacted.

Hey, if you are indeed on “20161221” most of these things are not needed. You should simply be able to upgrade after switching the repository.
However: One more change to the repository is in the pipeline. You can just as well wait for 1-2 more days. There will be yet another announcement. You could also just wait till the end of January to upgrade straight to openHAB 2.0 final release. :wink:

Awesome advice - I’ll spend the time on finishing my bedside ESP8266/MQTT/DHT22/OLED alarm clock/openhab interface.

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