Aqara D1 wall switch (3 buttons)

I have Aqara d1 wall switch with neutral (version with 3 buttons).

In openhab switch is detected as UnsupportedXiaomiMiHomeDevice.

I can control the first and second channels by using following rules:
Gateway_Write.sendCommand("“channel_0”:“toggle”") switch on/off first lamp
Gateway_Write.sendCommand("“channel_1”:“toggle”") //switch on/off second lamp
Third channel does not work from openhab:
Gateway_Write.sendCommand("“channel_2”:“toggle”") //switch on/off third lamp, NOT WORKING!!!

where item is:
String Gateway_Write { channel=“mihome:basic:4cf8xxxxxxx:writeMessage” }

Does anybody know how to control third channel and read feedback about state of each channel?


I have the same issue with 3 Rocker Aqara D1 wall switch without neutral too. Is anyone currently working on the xiaomi binding update for this?