Aqara door sensor not sending updates

I’m running OH 2.5.7 on an RPi3 with java version OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_265-b11)
Telegesis zigbee controller

I have an Aqara door sensor:

Aqara door sensor

It was recognized almost immediately by OH, although the battery channel is not recognized, only the door sensor. But when the door is opened or closed, no update is sent to OH. I have an update rule with a logInfo statement that is never called. I set the device up as a Switch initially, and then as a Contact, but nothing is is the openhab.log, or not even a state change in the events.log. I’ve reset/removed the device any number of times, but still nothing (including no battery channel). I’ve checked the forum, but nothing specific to my issue is there, so I’m inclined to think I may have missed something.
Any ideas?

I have 5 of the same sensor along with the Xiaomi Gateway 2
They are all fully functional, including the battery chanel.
Events fire and are processed by my rules.
I run OH 2.5.8 on Ubuntu and a nuc sized computer with OpenJDK 11

perhaps your issue is with the gateway? Do you have any other door sensors?

I have few Aeotec door sensors and they work just fine. This is the only Zigbee door sensor I have. I’m not using the gateway though. I did have it working on a HomeAssistant installation I had for a time, also no gateway. But I’ve found page on it, which I hope helps:
Aqara devices known issues
Oh, and I’m using a Telegesis coordinator.

Thanks for the

Possibly this is a configuration issue - ie the binding possibly didn’t get the configuration into the device. I’d suggest to reinitialise the device - there is a configuration option to initialise the device - try clicking this while also pressing the button on the device every second or so.

These Aqara devices are like cats - they like to sleep and they don’t listen to a thing you want to tell them :). You need to keep prodding them to keep them awake while the configuration is done.