Aqara Hub M2 support

Hi everyone,

I’m just starting my openHAB and home automation journey and got quite interessted in the aqara items, because I think it’s the most convinient way to upgrade my house.
I’m also still in the planing phase, so nothing is purchased yet.

In short what my planned start will be:
Install the single switch module behind every old non-smart switch and place the aqara wireless switch in front of it to hide the hole.

I’ve also looked at Homematic but there modules are twice the price.

And now with the Aqara Hub M2 starting to roll out to retailers, I’m wondering if I should wait till it is available and if it is/will be supported with the current Mi binding or in OH3.
Or should I just purchase the current Aqara Hub and get started?

Here a short overview what I’ve done so far:

  • running OH2.5 in Docker on macOS
  • got some bindings for my robovacs running
  • learned to do stuff in OH2.5
  • wrote docker-compose with OH, Mosquitto, InfluxDB and Grafana

Since I’m running OH in Docker on macOS I’ve read that passing a USB device from macOS to a docker container isn’t that easy and I would currently like to avoid purchasing other hardware just to get a ConBee or something to work.

So any advice is appriciated.