Aqara Magic Cube not visible in AutoDiscovery DeConz

Hello everyone,

i have a new Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube since today, yeahh^^
Was able to add it to Phoscon App.

Phoscon Gateway is up2date
with Conbee 2 Version 2.07.01 / 8.12.2020
and Firmware 26660700

Openhab Binding Deconz and Hue Bridge is installed.

If i understood it correctly Deconz Binding should be the Gateway to provide informations to OpenHab2.5
My other Zigbee Lights are connected to Deconz/Hue work really good!

What i could test was to add the switch to Phoscon Light group (rotate to dimm light) and that is working fine.

AutoDiscovery in Paper Ui can not find the Deconz Aqara Switch.

Can someone help me what is going on here?

Just checked the DECONZ API

API will only show Lights, Groups, Scenes and Sensors.

Alright, i found the Solution.

It is not enough to add the DECONZ Binding, you have to add a thing Bridge manually

and woopdiwooop your inbox will explode :smiley:
(Following article gave the hint Teil 4: OpenHab2 – Frust mit Zigbee – das DECONZ-Binding – Flo's Smarthome)