Aqara wall switches only report, but don´t react

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rasi 3B+
    • OS: Raspian
    • openHAB version:2.4
      I´ve got some Aqara devices: Window sensors, motion sensors, switches, remotes.
      Today the wall switches began to show some strange behavior: if I call them via the original app, they react. But if I try to switch them via openhab: nothing. In the log they are shown as “Changed to On”, but nothing happens. If I use them manually, their status is been showed correctly in the log. So the connection is stable an the binding works.

I´ve checked the dev-key, re-installed the binding, renewed the the things (deleted and added again), added a new switch: notihng. I´m running out of options…

little off-question, but would you tell me the Hub Version?
Is it a Xiaomi Hub or the new Aqara (Homekit) Hub ?
Thank you.

regarding your issue, i would turn on DEBUG Mode in console. to see a little bit more info in the OH Log.
Also try to clear your cache ( you need to stop OH for that )

good luck