Aquaponics goes openHAB


That looks nice! All the sensors in your garden are Souliss/Arduino based?

unfortunately are there some problems with the binding :frowning:

Never used it. In fact just checked the webpage and thought it looks promising. Any binding issues worth to report?

T51 (analog value) does not work - items get created in paperui, but nothing more

and: T61 would be a GREAT help (as some other set-values) but they are not implemented, says the docu

You could try to make it work by debugging the binding or you could look for a workaround. A long shot may be to try to contact @fazioa who is one of the authors of the binding.

I already reported here that the Souliss binding has still some bugs. Looks like it is not maintained for a while.
Connection to the slaves is not reliable and does not come back to service after a power outage of the slave.
Also the Bindig generates some errors in execution of other bindings like the Yamaha binding and other. So some programming seems not to be clean.


Iā€™m a bit late, but that sounds very interesting. Would you mind posting pictures of how you implemented the hardware outside?

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