Architecture - consolidate multiple servers

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I am a beginner in openHAB. Cool tool!

I am thinking about following application: Many stations (around 20 buildings) and a central controller are connected to openHAB system (mosquitto, …).

Every station is equipped with a controller (Raspberry Pi) connected over mqtt to a central mosquito broker. Every controller runs a stand alone Python application with twenty event timers that can be parameterized (similar to MS-windows event scheduler).

Parameters for one event are e.g.

  • start time
  • end time
  • period

E.g. every Monday, turn light on, from 20:00 to 22:00. Parameters can be sent over mqtt to the controllers.

Now I would like to do configuration on the central station over a GUI in openHAB. The idea is, that the user can select stations, configure a new timer event (maybe with calendar/time-component e.g. for one or more stations at the same time. Later on, he can edit the configuration. An event can be defined by a trigger, an action. An event is related to selectable stations.

Do you think this could be a typical application that can be solved in openHAB and if yes what possibilities would you see?

Thank you for your help


You have not filled in the information requested. Not even what your issue is.

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Sorry, I have not noticed that the the textt has already been posted:)

Now I added the content.

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As a generalism, I would say that Openhab is very good at operating a system like that, based on rules. But not so good at providing UI features for modifying behaviour during use.

It can be done of course, but would likely take some effort to set up. Related thread