Arduino meets Z-Wave -- new "Z-Uno G2"

It appears that the Z-Uno has been upgraded!
Z-Uno G2

This is an extremely attractive product in my mind because I see it as an ideal way to integrate or retrofit smart controls into existing systems.

Instead of doing so with simple relay contacts (such as with a FIbaro Smart Implant) one could incorporate complex on-device logic, and even publish values parsed from an RS232 or I2C bus on a washer/dryer/HVAC system etc… It seems very powerful.

With regard to Openhab integration: The Z-Uno G2 was Certified by the Z-Wave alliance using a sample sketch. The sample sketch appears to have a number of features and properties capabilities typical of things the device might be used for. Does @chris or anyone know if would be feasible to incorporate this certified sketch as a device into the Z-Wave Database, and then let Z-Uno integrators write their sketches to match the sample interface? If that’s possible, I can see this becoming very doable/accessible, and could open a lot of possibilities (without the time/expertise needed to fork the Z-Wave binding).

I read the community posts on the original Z-Uno, and it appears its Achilles heel of the original Z-Uno was that it ends up being essentially a one-off Z-Wave device, which can’t practically be integrated into the OH Z-Wave binding (i.e. the features and behaviors are essentially unique to one individual’s project or ‘sketch’). Thus, in order to utilize it with OH, one needs to fork the OH Z-Wave binding and maintain the appropriate code for your Z-Uno project. It’s not impossible, but it’s not nothing.

It seems like an obvious answer would be If the OH integration could leverage a common/standard interface (most of the Z-Uno’s use cases could be covered) thus the product could become accessible to a majority of users. Anyone know if this is feasible?