I have a plan to build a workshop where I will make the lighting with an arduino and mysensors. is there a guide somewhere for beginners who do not have much experience with coding?

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I would build a MQTT gateway to interact with it then intergrade that into openHAB if I wanted to use mysensors

I use TASMOTA if your tech choice is not set in stone

You can get a compatible device locally and reprogram it
Check on this list Tasmota Supported Devices Repository

There are tons of guides out there regarding arduinos (ESP32, ESP8266 etc.) and MQTT.
Basics can even be found in the official documentation.

You can also use things like Tasmota as mentioned though, as they vastly simplify setup.

Nevertheless it often makes sense to also understand the background (i.e. code) at least to a certain degree as this will allow you to customize things (if ever needed) and troubleshoot.
The MQTT arduino code is quite simple, so should not be a huge issue.

Thank you very much for your reply, I’ll just try to read on it and try it out.

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