Arduino Sonoff Binding

Hello everyone!

Like my nickname says, is am a total noob.
Nevertheless I decide to get my lights wireless and after watching a lot of videos on youtube I ordered a Pi Zero W and some Sonoff Basic and Touch devices.

With the power of Youtube I managed to flash Tasmota on every Sonoff device and get openhab2 and mosquitto running. I am also able to toggle all of the sonoff devices via Safari.

Now I have the problem that I’ve got absolutely no clue how to bind the devices into openhab2. I know that there are many threads about that and there are hundreds of explanations out there how to actually do that. I guess I have read all of them. Twice. But I cannot figure out what to do.

Everything I have done was by following step by step tutorials where I only had to change the IP address in the codes. But since every setup is unique I have reached my limit.

So my question, or even my desperate please is:

Could anyone PLEASE write down the right lines and where I have to put them so my Sonoff devices will work with openhab2? Some step by step “sonoff for dummies”.

Except for my mqtt.cfg all of my files are empty.

Thats my mqtt.cfg


I copied that from the forum.

Here is also a screenshot of the MQTT settings of one Sonoff Touch device:

Maybe some pros are laughing at me while reading my noobish poste but I am totally depressed already because I am trying to get that stuff running for over 8 weeks now.

I really please you guys not to write something like “check the following link”. Trust me, I already have checked them all. I would be very thankful for a step by step explanation including every code is needed like rules, items and sitemaps. When I will have one device working it will be a lot easier for me to get the others running.

If there is any more information you need to help me, please tell me.

dumb, desperate me

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How would you expect us to do that? First, you do not give us enough information on the goals you want to achieve. Should the lights go on only when it is dark? Or when motion is detected? Or when you open a door? Or when your cat or dog is not at home? :grinning:
There are so many individual prerequisites and personal wishes …

Sorry, but that is the only way to go:

That IS a step by step guidance and just follow them. If you get stuck tell us the exact step you are stucked, post your items files, sitemap files, rules files and the output of your openhab.log and we may be able to tell you how to proceed.

Good luck and keep up tinkering.

In addition to my above answer you may also take a look at the demo files, always a good starting point