Are academic developers amongst us?

Dear all,

I am working at a mechatronics institute at a German university, leading a small group in the field of robotics and automation.

I am very much interested in the field of smart home, but currently, my activities with openHAB are based on private interest.

Still, I see a huge potential for mechatronics in the field of smart home, e.g. in this area: Digital Twins and Machine Learning.

As there are funding calls for collaboration activities, I wanted to find out if we see a chance to join forces and to build consortia from the openHAB community to apply for common projects on national, but also on international level…

Cleary, also industrial/commercial researchers are welcome to report back as a good consortium sometimes needs a balanced share of both.

I hope to hear from you :slight_smile:


This may interest you

Hi Tobias,

we created a “Academic Initiative” at the openHAB Foundation to enable academic collaboration and knowledge sharing around openHAB. This initiative is mainly driven by the HfT Stuttgart and @mguedey is the person to talk to about it - so I’d suggest you liaise with her!


P.S.: The plan is also to have a public section on our webpage about these efforts, but this is still to be done…

Dear @Kai,

thanks for the information. I would be primarily interested in forming a consortium for applying for public funding. This could be on national level (say, DFG, BMBF or BMWI ministries) or on international level (say Horizon 2020).

Mainly, this would be a question if who is willing to join activities like this, as most funding options need industry to be involved or even in the lead. These companies need to have business cases that could take advantage from such collaboration projects.

Currently, finding a suitable call should be comparatively easy.

Best wishes,

Hi Tobias,

as Kai mentioned we are creating an Academic section at the Foundation. One of the purposes is exactly as you suggested to gather people, facilities and material related to and interested in research topics around openHAB.

Would be great to hear from you, you can e-mail me at

Best, Myriam