Are manually defined items supposed to show up in PaperUI?

Doesnt look like items I define in /items/default.items show up in Paper UI. For example I cannot define an item and then link it to a thing’s channel inside PaperUI. Is this the correct behavior?

I believe that the short answer is Yes (it is the correct behavior)

Which version of OH2 are you running?

To link a thing’s channel to a manually created item in your config file you can use the channel “id” in your items configuration.

Ps: At a certain build of OH2 Snapshot, I was able to see my manually created items in Paper UI (left menu -> Configuration -> Items). I don’t have that option in build # 560 that I am currently running

No, manually defined Items in a .items file are not shown in PaperUI. They do appear in Habmin though.

This is “correct” behavior in that it is how PaperUI works. But you can simply copy and paste the channelID from PaperUI into your .items file.

I’m running 2.0 Build#557… just found out about the karaf items clear and links clear commands… After clearing the items and links and making sure my .items file was free of syntax errors PaperUI does indeed load the items I manually define.

Same here, although still on build #549. Manually defined items in .items file show up in Habmin and PaperUI.
I thought this was normal :grin:

It is still there, but you need to switch from “simple” to “advanced” mode. Go to Configuration->System->Item Linking and deactivate the “Simple Mode”. You will then have a new entry Configuration->Items which will show you all your items (also the ones from the files, but note that these are read-only).