Are the doors locked?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to retro add some door lock sensors to existing doors? Was just curious if maybe there is something out there that may be able to help tag if a door/window is locked without having a specialized lock but maybe some sort of add on to the lock?

I did make one “hack” on my backdoor, have been working fine for a year now :wink:

I posted it earlier on the old “forum”, check:!category-topic/openhab/examples/DT4_QlWpyd8

Hey Alpoy,
Thanks for that. That does give me some ideas. I could possibly do something similar with some tiny magnets and drilling out a space in the bolt. That will give me something. Very nice hack :smile:

or check on this one:

will be accessible via bluetooth or REST api.

that is pretty slick. I like that. I like the sleek design too

If you want to go the DIY route there is this on Sparkfun:

Any recommendations on non-deadbolt locks?