Are TP-link ZigBee devices supported by ZigBee binding?

Does anyone know if the ZigBee binding supports the TP Link ZigBee devices like the CS100 door sensor and the MS100 motion sensor? I don’t see TP Link mentioned in the binding documentation and I am uncertain as to how closely they conform to the ZigBee standard.

If not, is there any way to add them?


I finally got my CC2531 dongle working and was able to check out the TP Link devices. They paired quickly and are supported by the ZigBee binding.

The CS100 door sensor provides:
Battery level – number
Tamper – switch
Battery Alarm – string
Contact Portal 1 – switch
Low Battery – switch
Battery Voltage – Number

The MS100 motion sensor provides:
Battery level – number
Motion Intrusion - switch
Tamper – switch
Battery Alarm – string
Motion Presence - switch
Low Battery – switch
Battery Voltage – Number Electrical Potential ??
Illuminance – number

The dongle also paired with an OSRAM Lightify 73674 bulb:
Color Temperature - dimmer
Total Active Power - number
Color - color

Hey Rick,

Several of us in the Home Assistant / Zigbee2MQTT world picked up these MS100s on sale.

We have successfully paired them with Z2M and are getting occupancy, battery, battery low, link quality and “tamper”. We are NOT getting illuminance and after disassembly - we cannot find anything that would appear to be an anti-tamper trigger.

Did you actually see a change in the intrusion value and/or Illuminance in your usage?

What does/did motion intrusion do?

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide.

In case anyone comes across this - we have been able to complete an extension for Zigbee2MQTT that will report all factors correctly except for Tamper. After tweaking some of the other settings to get the device to stay online (ie report in even when there is not a motion event after a fixed amount of time) - it appears that perhaps the tamper is just a watchdog signal. If it becomes “unavailable” - then you can assume someone took the batteries out.

This device is now officially supported in Z2M and it will be auto-discovered upon pairing in that platform - thanks user photo64!