Are you using an outside weather station? If so, which one?

would be worth a try - as far as I can see, there are no mechanical parts for wind or rain measurements (which is supergood!), wind is clear, but I’m curious how the rain gauge works?

provides hourly rate & daily accumulation at 0.2mm resolution

Do you have one? and can tell how it works? :wink:

edit: ah I finally saw the vide, which explained it…

I do the same thing and catch the data locally … but I also then send it on to WU too.

I do the same.
But in OH I use only the local data.

The company that makes the weather stations that then get rebranded by different companies is called “fine offset”. For example this is my station linked to the fine offset website, but my unit has the brand Pantech written on it.

You will find all the models with features, manuals and firmwares at that website if you wish to compare models from the manufacturer. But if shopping for one the basic choice is one of three options.

  1. Data uploaded to WU by the ugly black box. Cheapest way to buy one, but you miss data if it does not reach WU (more on this below). Example

  2. Data uploaded to WU by a console model that can draw a graph so this costs more. I think this model is the one.

  3. Data uploaded to WU by a console with no graphing features. Mine is this option and is the cheapest way to buy one in my country with a screen to check if WU is missing data.

All the outdoor units can have the rf packets intercepted as well as another project that can grab the data if you redirect the wunderground packets to a script.

Weewx GIT project: How to get data from a HP1000/WH2600 weather station

Also it is interesting to note a company sells just the outdoor unit with RS485 output on ebay. The outdoor unit just has a basic serial to RF chip in it that sends unencypted serial packets to the indoor display or the observer IP unit. You can hack into these serial packets to get the data direct from the outdoor unit which is something I plan to do in 2+ years time when I get a lot of other projects done.

The above linked weewx is worth looking at because these units have a flaw. If your WIFI goes down due to a storm (right when you are interested in looking at the rain data) the data never gets to wunderground and never gets uploaded when it reconnects. Your indoor unit shows rain that you got that the wunderground site does not show. I read that the weewx does allow you to detect this and upload missing data but have not looked at it in depth yet, see

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The weatherflow product looks indeed really interesting, as non mechanical, with API etc.
However does anyone actually have any experience with it? They state, that the device is in production stage and hasn’t been delivered yet?

seems there a whole bunch of users here already - and if I read correctly on the Website, there are already 2000 devices out there.

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Most of backers have already got HUB + Air (including myself). We all wait for Sky (wind, rain, UV).
As to the Air I can say that it works flawlessly and provides very precise measurements and the binding developed for OpanHAB by Bill Welliver works very well.
The question would be if we have here in OpenHAB community someone having Sky test unit, able to say few words about it.

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I use WH1080 it works okey but where a little problem to access data from my logging software. Now i changed logger to wfrog and that works nkxe but havent come to import data to openhab from there yet

@jardon, how do you connect it to OH (are using the Ambient Weather WS-1400IP Binding)?
I do not want the station to send info out of my local network (e.g. to WU), is that possible?
Any info appreciated.

If it helps anyone.

I have this installed and connected to OpenHab2

Velbus Meteo / Weather Station

FYI, I am using a WH2950, am locally overwriting DNS of to my local server and have a small script (in golang) running that converts the http request to mqtt for OH2 to consume.

I also use the wh2950 any chance of a copy of your script and quick overview? Mine keeps defaulting to sending the info to as the gateway when the power fails as it restarts faster then my router.

This will not really help with DNS problems… Maybe get a UPS ;-). But here we go:

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Hi guys.
I found this and was wondering if it would work with openhab ?

Micro:bit Weather Station

I have found these as well . what is your thoughts on them ?
what would the interfacing be ?


I have used an Ambient Weather WS1400IP since January 2017. I collect the data using a PHP script similar to what I found at

It is been working great, except for a few times I had to reboot the Observer module. However, last week the rain gauge quit working. It is about 12’ up in the air so I had to pull it down to clean it and get it working again. The plastic had discolored a bit, but not bad.

For the price, I think it is great. The build quality is what you might expect for the price. The two main complaints I have about it is that I would like the wind sensors to be separate so they could be up high, while the other sensors lower for maintenance routines. I would also like an API to connect to it directly without coding to fool it into thinking it is talking to WU.


My Ambient Weather WS1400IP died just shy of 2 years of use. The solution suggested was to buy a new sensor array. Instead I bought a Davis Vantage Pro2. Expensive, yes, but it is a much higher quality unit.

Acurite 5 in 1. I have the receiver unit connected to a raspberry pi. the raspberry pi uses weewx to save the weather data to a mysql database. I wrote a script that reads the most recent entry and sends to to openhab through the rest api.

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I installed the Ambient Weather WS1401IP about a month ago. Overall I’m pleased. Although, as reported above, the build quality is not great for $150 US. I expect it will last a couple or three years, then we’ll see what kind of shape it’s in.

I’m using the Ambient Weather binding mentioned here, although I’ve made a couple local changes to the binding (added a channel to tell it to reboot itself (more on that in a minute), fixed the ability to save config changes, added channel for last report time).

I’m a bit disappointed in the IP Observer (gateway) module. It flakes out after a while of scraping the HTML page. Response times jump from about 600 ms to 8000+ ms, then it eventually stops responding. It’s a known problem, and the solution is to switch to the Ambient Weather API. I’ve considered writing a binding for that, but my solution now is to have the binding reboot the device when the binding sees a response time greater than 8000 ms (hence the reason why I added the reboot channel), and to cycle the power every night at 00:15.

Any chance you can share these changes with me? I have also made some changes and created a channel that displays the milliseconds it took to scrape the livedata.htm with the idea to add another channel to do a reboot with. But if you have already made the changes it will save me some time working out how to do the reboot. Also interested in the fix for config changes. Just PM the changes if that is the easiest way or I can send an email addy.