Arilux LC01 setup with Tasmota [solved]

Hi All trying to setup an Arilux LC01 with tasmota on it

have got it to switch on and off but would like to use a colour picker and not sure how to set this up would like to do this via paper UI if possible when i tried to use the WIFI led bindings it comes up with connection error

so will need to set up manually unless its as simple as changing a connection port
thanks Stuart

Why would you think the WiFi LED binding would work with something running Tasmota? Neither Tasmota nor LC01 is mentioned in that binding’s list of supported devices.

How did you get it to switch on and off? Which binding? What is the config you used?

i just mentioned the binding as i tried it

using the MQTT command to turn on and off and hope that i can do the same for colour change and dimming

You need to create a Channel that links to a Color Item. Then you need to figure out what format Tasmota expects the commands to be in and set up a transformation to convert the HSB values to whatever Tasmota expects.

A Color Item can receive ON/OFF commands as well as Dimmer commands so you don’t need to create separate Channels for all three ways to control the light. You just need the Color Item Channel.

looking at tasmota docs
HsbColor <hue>,<sat>,<bri> = set colour by hue, saturation and brightness
but not sure how to do the transformation from a picked colour to what needs to be received

It looks like you probably don’t need to do anything except create a Color Channel and link it to a Color Item then.

have tried that but it doesn’t change it
is the channel config right?

Doesn’t change what? Are you using a third party tool to watch the MQTT messages being published? Are you looking in openhab.log for errors? Are you looking in events.log for events? Are you looking at the logs in Tasmota for errors?

i have put a dimmer slider in to openhab and that is working have watched logs in openhab and the tasmota consol for any MQTT msgs just having a try with changing a few thiings atm to see what happens

working now just had to add a linked item and it works now thanks my stupid mistake