Arilux SL-WB 01 E27 7 watt RGB led light : which binding to use?

Dear community,

I have bought this led lamp (Arilux SL-WB 01 E27 7 watt RGB led light) to use in Openhab2 2.4 running on Windows 10. Installed the Wifi led binding but the lamp is not recognized. I do not have any experience yet with Wifi bindings (only installed Zwave so far). Don’t know if the WiFi lamp should show in the network as well among the other Wifi networks on my router. If so no lamps appear.

Would appreciate some help very much.


According to banggood:
Works with Amazon Alexa Echo for voice control ,60w equivalent. Free Tuya APP for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy or other smart phone.With this app you can manage you lights by smart phone or tablet , including adjusting brightness, setting schedules and scenes!

There is no binding: You will need the TUYA-MQTT bridge


Thanks for the clear and fast answers. I will try it out this weekend and decide to keep or to sell these lights.

great to have such a knowledge in the community.

If it works with Tuya (e.g. Smart Life app), it should work with the tuya-mqtt-bridge mentioned above. Unfortunately there seems to be a issue with the bridge and the new 2.4 MQTT binding, so I suggest you start with the old 1.x binding. There is a guide how to find the credentials for Tuya and how to configure items with the 1.x binding here: