Ask deploy returns with error message: The CloudFormation deploy failed for Alexa region "default"

I am trying to deploy the alexa-skill with the command:

ask deploy

The skill seems to be deployed but the lambda function is not.
The last lines of output returned by the deploy command are:

added 91 packages, and audited 92 packages in 17s

3 packages are looking for funding
  run `npm fund` for details

found 0 vulnerabilities
Skill code built successfully.
Code for region default built to /root/openhab-new-metatags/openhab-alexa/.ask/lambda/ successfully with build flow NodeJsNpmBuildFlow.

==================== Deploy Skill Infrastructure ====================
  ✖ Deploy Alexa skill infrastructure for region "default"
[Error]: CliError: The CloudFormation deploy failed for Alexa region "default": AlexaSkillFunction[AWS::Lambda::Function]  CREATE_FAILED (alexa-openhab3 already exists in stack arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:528425453548:stack/ask-openHAB3-default-skillStack-1640022305826/931dc370-61bc-11ec-8ca6-0210327efef5)

I made changes to rename the skill from openhab to openhab3 to be able to do some experiments before completely switching over to openhab3 with new hardware.

What could be the reason for above error message ?