Asking Alexa about humidity value from DHT22

Im using DHT22 sensor connected to Sonoff device. All connected to Alexa. When asking for temperature everything works well, alexa responds when asked to provide temperature in living room. However when asking about humidity it says that "Living Room doesnt support that". Also I can`t find humidity as device on Alexa app.
I suspect there is an issue with my humidity item.
Can anyone advice if the below syntax is correct?

Number Humidity_GF_Living "Living Room [%.1f %%]"        <humidity>   (Humidity, GF_Living) [ "CurrentHumidity" ] { mqtt="<[broker:/sonoff/switch5/humidity:state:default]"}

As I said temperature works with following configs:

Number Temperature_GF_Living "Living Room Temp [%.1f °C]"   <temperature>   (Temperature, GF_Living) [ "CurrentTemperature" ] { mqtt="<[broker:/sonoff/switch5/temperature:state:default]"}

Also to mention that I can read temperature and humidity via openhab without any problem.

Hi Andy,

do you have any other item called “Living room” ? e.g Light or even a group ?
Alexa could be misunderstanding with them ?

If I remember correctly, Alexa can detect devices depending on the tags. You may want to search if the currenthumidity tag is supported by the Alexa binding (?)

Hi @Celsius90
Yes, I have another item under Living room group (two lights + temperature sensor) but all works fine. Just to mention temperature sensor is DHT22 which is combined temp and humidity connected to one Sonoff device and this device operating correctly. I can switch on/off relay, ready temperature , humidity (from openhab). Issue is only when asking Alexa to provide humidity level. I can`t find anywhere syntax for humidity and tried everything obvious so far.
Hoping someone who is using this sensor can highlight where is this issue.

I believe that the tag CurrentHumidity is not supported by the Alexa/homekit binding, the tag is still mentioned in the homekit docs (HERE) but to my knowledge has never worked and really should have the documentation updated to reflect the actual supported status.

I also believe the binding has now got so far out of date with the current Amazon API version that I think it will take considerable effort to get this updated.

I am circling back around to my long standing issues to see if I can find a solution, I do this regularly as things do change, but in this case the support is still not there AFAIK; someone please correct me if I am wrong.
I did notice that the git repo mentions an update for 2019??? so may be there is something going on in the wings?



You can achieve the humidity readout with the text to speech feature of the AmazonEchoControl-binding in combination with a dummy-switch and Alexa-routines.
-create a routine with question trigger, for example: “Alexa, what’s the humidity in the living room?”
-select to switch the dummy switch to ON when that routine fires
-create openhab rule which fires on change of that switch, that puts a humidity-readout-sentence including the actual humitidy value to the echo-tts-item