Asking Google Assistant to report custom item state

Hi guys,

I’d like to do the following: Currently I have a DateTime icon that stores the next date for garbage collection. Is it possible to ask Google “hey google, when will garbage be collected”?

One step further: In Germany we have to recycle garbage so I’d like to ask “hey google, when will paper be collected?” “what about bio garbage?” etc.

possible? if so, how? :wink:


Not sure if this also works for Google Assistant: with Alexa it’s possible to define custom routines. As far as I understand there are also custom routines available for Google Assistant to be configured in Googles app.
For Alexa you can define sentences that can be used to start the routine. You can define actions that will be done once the routine is triggered by it’s sentence. The action can be the execution of a rule ( turn on a switch which triggers the rule ).
Once the rule is triggered you can use TTS to let Google reply on your question.

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Not from my knowledge.
You can use the way Wolfgang described, but this also comes with a lot of disadvantages.

With Google’s own tools you can only get a bit close to that using calendar entries and asking what appointments you have.

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ok, thanks for all who replied

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