ASP sub-type blinds with RFXtrx transceiver

Hello! First post here as I’m spending the afternoon trying out OpenHab :slight_smile:

I got the basics working pretty fast. Setting up the RFXtrx433e wasn’t exactly straightforward but I got it working thanks to this great forum. I also got my Somfy blinds working through the binding. And all of this through the Paper UI, pretty nice!

However my first major issue (which is one that also took me some time on Home Assistant, but a non-issue in Domoticz) is that I also have a BLINDS1 type blind that has a pretty rare subtype (ASP) :

Packettype = BLINDS1
subtype = ASP
Sequence nbr = 1
id1-3 = 0020AA decimal:8362
Command = Open
Signal level = 8 -56dBm

I assume the id I should use is 8362.0, but the problem is that ASP isn’t available in the subtype dropdown of the RFXCOM Blinds1 Actuator thing (which I assume is what I should be using here). I’ve tried all available subtypes without success.

I’m running a pkg install of v2.4.0 release build, on a raspberry pi 3 with raspbian stretch.


Digging a little into the source in found the list of supported subtypes in the readme:

The list is the same as here:

But there are actually more subtypes in the enum here:

… including the ASP subtype (T11).

I wonder why subtypes >T8 aren’t in the XML. Would it work if I used a thing file instead of Paper UI? And if so, I’d have to also declare the RFXtrx transceiver binding in the file too, would that conflict with it being in Paper UI already?