Associations to device with multiple endpoints not working correctly

I have a z-wave 8 button wall switch that has 5 association groups, 1 is lifeline and groups 2,3,4 and 5 are for the 4 button pairs (on/off - up/down). I want to control the 2 switches of a Fibaro double switch 2 (FGS-223) with 2 button pairs so I associated group 2 with endpoint 1 of that switch and group 3 with endpoint 2.
The result is that both button pairs control switch 1 (= endpoint 1) - no way to control switch 2. Looks a lot like this: Wrong handling of NodeID -> End Point association · Issue #1436 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave · GitHub
Any idea how this can be fixed?

I had a different association problem with a Aeotec plug. The Clock CC was on the root, but the binding set the multichannel association command class for node 1 to endpoint 1, so the clock updates went into the bit bucket. The only reason it might be related is that the section of code referenced in your link is the same I think created the issue I had.

As to fixing my issue, between Aeotec support, the Silabs PC controller and a zniffer (to help interpret the frames) I was able to SET the multichannel association command class to root (for node 1) and REMOVE the node 1 association to endpoint 1. You did not note the make/model of the 8 button wall switch, but that IMO is where the change might need to be made with Associations using the PC controller. As noted in my issue, I’m really not sure what needs to be done in the binding or if this was a non-standard device quirk (although Aeotec is usually pretty good about following zwave standards).

Sorry I could not be more helpful.

Thx for the info Bob - the make of the pushbutton switch is “Heatit Z-Push Button 8” but I had a similar issue with a Sunricher device (which also goes by the name HeatIt - although they are pretty different)
Association works fine as long as I’m just using single endpoint devices, e.g. I’m associating groups 2 and 3 to 2 Fibaro dimmers - the intention was to associate groups 4 and 5 to the 2 endpoints of the Fibaro double switch but that won’t work as I explained. As a workaround I wrote a rule on scene changes to switch the second endpoint - that works but it’s rather dirty and I don’t like that much …

OK Different issue. Sorry for the diversion

Looking at the DB for the Heatit, I’m curious if EP 2 for the dual switch can be controlled with group 2?
I’m not an expert, so it may make no difference, but there were some inconsistencies in the DB setup. If any group will work with EP2, it would be group 2. It has a channel for a switch, but the other groups are setup to work with dimmers. Do you have the channels linked to items for the working dimmers or do they just work without being linked?

Well - things are looking messy imho - I have 2 of those 8 button devices both using the same button groups to control the same lights - 3 of them are working with associations: 2 dimmers and one on/off (EP 1 of the double switch). I added one channel for the scene number and use that to control the second switch (the 2 buttons of group 5 send scene 7 and 8).
Both wall switches work fine and control the 4 lights as designed - albeit not in the way I would like (= use an association too for the 4the button group - group 5)
What’ really odd is what I get looking at the code for the items:

UID: zwave:device:53ed8262:node32
label: LivingSwitch1
thingTypeUID: zwave:thermofloor_4512581_00_000
group_5: []
wakeup_node: 1
group_4: node_42_1
wakeup_interval: 3600
- controller
group_3: []
group_2: []
node_id: 32
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:53ed8262

UID: zwave:device:53ed8262:node33
label: LivingSwitch2
thingTypeUID: zwave:thermofloor_4512581_00_000
group_5: []
wakeup_node: 1
- node_42
wakeup_interval: 3600
- controller
- node_41
- node_40
node_id: 33
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:53ed8262

So LivingSwitch1 seems to have only 1 association - nevertheless group 2 and 3 do control a dimmer
the code for LivingSwitch2 makes more sense, I would expect to see node_41_1 for group 4 though.
I tried editing the code but in things get changed after saving - that really smells like a bug to me …

I did a test on my setup that appears to confirm that EP2 of a node can’t be sent a Basic set (at least via the OH UI), even though it might appear to be based on the code tab. It can be set, but the basic set (ON/OFF) will be sent to the device and the device will interpret as a command to EP1.

I added EP2 of a Wenzhow (98-2) dual in-wall switch to the group 2 of a Zooz Zen23 toggle (16). I can see from the Zniffer that only node 98 is sent to the toggle

And when triggered is sent to the device without any EP, so the device just turned on EP 1.

It might be possible with the PC controller, but since you have a workaround, it is not going to be worth it. FWIW- I use the rule based method as it provides more control.

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