Asterisk Binding

I’m giving a shot of making an Asterisk binding for OH3.
It’s using the same asterisk library as the old OH1 Asterisk binding but I’ve updated it to the newest version, so it should be compatible with at least Asterisk versions 10 till 16.

It currently supports 3 channel types, a Call type which will give the current in progress Call, a String type with will give the external number of the call and a switch type which will be on when a call is in progress.

For all channels you can define an extension, so it will only monitor calls to/from that extension.
The switch channel also supports defining the external number, direction(incoming/outgoing) and state (dialing,ringing,active), so you can configure the conditions when you want to have the switch be ON

I’ve seen that the OH1 plugin also supports DTMF digits to switch things, but I don’t know if anyone still wants that.

I still want to add some events so you can use it in rules.

To use it you need to enable the Asterisk Management Interface in your asterisk servers manager.conf

The first alfa version is at Asterisk binding v0.1

Please give it a try and let me know what you think of it, or if you have any other things you need from an Asterisk binding.


hey! I’m going to try it. Is the configuration the same as before?

Bravo Eric
how did I miss this 5 months ago
Is the project still active?

No the configuration is different, it uses the things and items concepts of openHAB 2 now.
Currently I configured it only through the openHAB ui, having it show numbers in items and turn items on and off based on the call state. by adding them to the switch channel. That should also all be available through the files config, but I didn’t check the syntax yet

Well it’s kind of active, it does what I want at the moment, so I’m not actively working on it, but I still want to add some events to it if I have some time. But if someone is missing something just post it here, maybe I can add it.

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