Astro Action getAzimuth() return type

Hello Community,

i’m playing with the Astro Binding and i want to use the getAzimuth(timeStamp) as described here:

Astro Binding

when doing so, I´m getting the Info in the Log and Visual Studio Code shows an Error, but it is working as intended and I’m getting the correct value.

16:34:16.758 [INFO ] [del.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Validation issues found in configuration model 'astro.rules', using it anyway:
The method getAzimuth(ThingActions, ZonedDateTime) from the type AstroActions refers to the missing type Object

If i understand the Source of the Astro Actions correct, then the return type of the function should be QuantityType<Angle>, which should be known. What do i miss?

GitHub Astro Action

the rule where it is used:

rule "Update Azimuth"
    Item UpdateAzimuth received command ON
    val sunActions = getActions("astro","astro:sun:home")
    if(null === sunActions) {
        logInfo("actions", "sunActions not found, check thing ID")
    } else {

        val sunSetEvent = "SUN_SET"
        val sunRiseEvent = "SUN_RISE"
        val today =
        val sunSetEventTime = sunActions.getEventTime(sunSetEvent,today,"START")
        val sunRiseEventTime = sunActions.getEventTime(sunRiseEvent,today,"START")
        val sunSetAzimuth = sunActions.getAzimuth(sunSetEventTime)
        val sunRiseAzimuth = sunActions.getAzimuth(sunRiseEventTime)