Astro actions in jruby

The demo effect at play. As I am typing up the bug report, I can’t reproduce it anymore.

Well, at least it makes the trigger a whole lot simpler :smiley:

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Circling back to this issue; I’ve been setting both options on my vim instance when editing the rules, which seems to go OK most of the time, but sometimes the process still runs away. A couple of threads eat up all CPU, load skyrockets, and openHAB slowly dies.
There is no double loading going on anymore.

The rule is also as simple as printing a log line with an item type.

Any idea how I can troubleshoot this and turn it into a valid bug report if needed?

Perhaps create a shell script file that repeatedly does this and if it managed to consistently trigger the problem, that could be submitted in the problem report?

Also try doing it with RulesDSL or some other scripting languages to try to pinpoint whether the fault is in jruby or elsewhere in the core.

here is a link to a thread in this forum about chasing down a mem leak

I suspect this isn’t a mem leak. I have seen openhab using up the cpu in my dev / test instance too. It must have entered some sort of endless loop, possibly in the file watcher area. I haven’t investigated this any further though, so this is just a guess.

If someone can create a reproducible test case, it would greatly help the core developers in getting to the bottom of it.