Astro and Weather binding problems that solved itself

This is just to share an experience. Maybe some people are helped by it.
I had set up a min-max registration of the outside temperture that worked perfectly after help I got from this forum.
Armed with that newly gained knowledge I tried to do the same for the inside temperature. That didnt work: same old problem, min and max temp both just followed the actual temp and were all 3 the same. Couldnt figure out why, but just left it ’ for later’.

Anyway, in the mean time I started a completely fresh openhabian project, added the weatherbinding and astro binding and again i saw the now familiair problem with the min max temp. Also no UV index and my astrobinding also had an issue: all items worked, except the moon azimuth and Elevation.

I checked and checked and rechecked. It had worked before, My rule was exactly as what had worked before, My Azimuth and Elevation channels were also correct and when I checked the paperUI i could see the elevation and Azimuth. Why wasnt it showing up while the rest was, and why was my min-max temp not registering??

Coulnt help getting a tad frustrated. Anyway, to make a long story short: for unrelated reasons I decided to reboot my system and after i had done that I suddenly saw my min-max chart come to live and the min-max temperatures now started to deviate from each other.
In good hope I checked my astro data and low and behold, the moon elevation and azimuth were suddenly showing as well. UV index still not

So… if in doubt…reboot. I am sure I’ ll get that uv index sorted out as well somehow :slight_smile:

Update: Well I figured out the UV-index as well. Apparently Weatherunderground just does not return any data in their API.
Maybe this is more interesting: Get local UV radiation -- prevent sunburn and skin cancer

Where there any errors in the logs?

That is the first place I look when stuff didn’t seem to work right.

I’m glad a reboot got everything working.

did not see any errors. I guess this classifies under the old ‘have you tried switching it off and on again’ :slight_smile:
Anyway, I still have my previous sd in which one min-max worked and the other not. Will see if that is also solved now