Astro binding: Cannot create item from thing for Range event (there is no profile available for the selected item)

Using OH3.1 and the Paper UI, I set-up the astro-binding. Then I configured the Range event channel for the civil dawn with earliest and latest. After that I wanted to create an item via the channel’s “add link to item…”. This opens the usual window where I can select “create a new item” and enter all info needed.

If I click on “Link” however, I get an error message that “there is no profile available for the selected item”. The only option available at the bottom of the page is “timestamp at trigger” but it is greyed out.

I searched fo this error message as well as read a lot of tutorials and the docs on astro-binding as well as profiles. But somehow I did not find any hint on what I am doing wrong.

Could anyone please give me a hint on what I am missing?

The #event channels are trigger channels. They can be used to trigger rules, but cannot have Items linked to them. If you want an Item holding the civil dawn time for display purposes, link it to the #start or #end channel. Note that the earliest and latest configuration is defined per channel, so you need to set it accordingly here as well.

Thanks for the quick info! Makes sense, but then the UI should not offer “add link to item”, shoudl it?

What I want, is to use the trigger to control the rollershutters. I will see how I can achieve that with the UI.

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That’s a valid point, you are welcome to file an issue for this here (unless someone else has already).

What you need to do to achieve your goal is to create a rule, with a trigger like this (Select Thing Event):

(Note the START at the bottom, the trigger channels fire two events START and END, if you leave the field empty it will fire twice, so put either of them there)
And an action (Item Action):

Thanks a lot! The event line is indeed the only one that was not self-explanatory for me and I had to search in the docs for the possible events.

Will file an issue if there is none yet regarding the “add link to item” matter.

There are profiles that do allow for linking of event/trigger channels to Items.
That’s a very unusual requirement, and not something that should be done here at all.
But it explains why the option was offered in the UI, it’s no error.

Yep, I was told so in the meantime on the issue tracker.

I do think however that either hiding it if not feasible (no suitable profiles available) or at least explaining/hinting towards the problem/solution within the link/create item dialogue would help normal users and beginners to not run into dead ends.

I suggested adding

Trigger channels can only be linked to items if a suitable profile/transformation is available. You can either install a Transformation service add-on or use Rules to work with the Trigger Channel without any need to link it to an Item.

to the link/create item dialogue at the bottom (if no suitable profile is available).

Ah, didn’t know that, thanks for the enlightenment!