Astro binding Duration formatting

I’m using the Astro binding for sunrise and sunset events. Recently, I added the Daylight Duration property, to show the number of hours of daylight. It appears the duration value is in minutes (currently 578 = ~9.5 hours). How do I format this in my item description to show in hours & minutes? Is there a string formatter I can use? I tried the [%1$tH:$tM] formatting, but that threw errors.

I’m afraid you may need to do the math yourself in a rule. I don’t think the String Formatter supports time durations in that way with simple Numbers. I could be wrong, I don’t have time to look it up. The full set of options are documented here.

Thanks for the link - I did read through and it appears I will have to use a rule to convert…

@bartus and how is your rule working?