Astro binding total radiation

I am using the astro binding in two ways

  1. to determine the start of sunset to turn on some lights, I am using astro.sun.local.sunset start that works without a problem and the time matches what the sunset is in my location

  2. In the rule to calculate lux using total radiation astro.sun.local.radiation#total and cloud cover. In this case I don’t know if there is something wrong but the total radiation becomes zero about 1/2 hour before sunset and stops being zero about 20 minutes after sunrise

Is that normal?

Thank you

It could. It depends on how the radiation is calculated and likely where in the world you are. Sunset is the moment that the center of the sun disk reaches the horizon. At that point the sunlight is passing through the maximum amount of the atmosphere which reduces solar radiation. So it makes sense to me that the radiation drops off sometime before sunset.

I thought that if there was “light” as in “I can still see outside” there is still some solar radiation, visible light, maybe not direct but at least diffuse.
I think I am just going to go the light sensor route and stop trying to use a simulator

Thanks for the answer