Astro Binding Trigger by fire of channel

Hi Guys,

I am running OH 4.0.2 on rPi4B moved here from OH2.5

I wanted to turn off a lamp on start of sunrise. I installed the Astro Binding and created a thing (Local Sun) and Item an item from the channel rise#start:

Than I strted to create a rule from the UI: “Add a Trigger”, than selected the “Thing” than, select “astro:sun:local” item and get this screen:

But the channel field is inactive so I cannot complet it.

Is this the proper way or is there a way to activate the channel for trigger?

Thanks ahead…

The missing channel triggers in the UI is a known bug. It would be one perfectly reasonable way to solve this otherwise. You can still set up the role that way if you want to click over to the code tab and manually add the channel UID to the rule yaml.

One thing to note, is that for a trigger channel to work you don’t need to link an item to it, and in fact you can’t link an item to a trigger channel without a special profile. The channel you have linked your item to is a regular DateTime channel, not the astro trigger channel.

In this case, however, this is a good thing because it gives you a second easier work around. Instead of using a trigger channel, you can also set the rule to run at the time specified by a DateTime item. When you click on Add a trigger, select Time Event and choose the option for time in an item. Then every day the Astro binding will reset the item and the rule will trigger at the new time.

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