Astro: Set scenery like mountains to calculate sun rise/set

Hi there,
Not sure if it is actually a feature request or may it is already possible.
So, i live around mountains and the sunrise and sunset calculations differs from the real one obvisiously.
I would like to have the possibility to import a scenary map in this format for example:


Is that somehow already possible?

There is a service in switzerland that can export this data for every location very accurately (


I can’t find the page any longer (admittedly didn’t spend much time looking) but I believe the Astro Binding already takes into account your current elevation based on lat/long.

That being said, I live on the front range of the Rockies so I really do understand your concerns, and I have noticed for me that Sunset Start is actually really close to when the sun first starts to go behind the mountains. It might be a fluke though. I just cross referenced Astro’s reported sunset time and the local weather’s reported sunset and they are within a minute of each other.

I don’t think adding a scenery map like that would be feasible with Astro. The library (note, the Astro library was created by a third party, the Astro Binding is just a wrapper around this already existing library) appears to mainly be astronomically focused and uses the scientific definition of sunset which does not take into consideration local topography (i.e. sunset is when the trailing edge of the sun dips below the horizon regardless of what may be between you and the horizon like mountains). It is unlikely to support consideration of topography for its calculations.

From the U.S. Navy’s definition of sunset and sunrise we get this quote:

Accuracy of rise/set computations. The times of rise and set phenomena cannot be precisely computed, because, in practice, the actual times depend on unpredictable atmospheric conditions that affect the amount of refraction at the horizon. Thus, even under ideal conditions (e.g., a clear sky at sea) the times computed for rise or set may be in error by a minute or more. Local topography (e.g., mountains on the horizon) and the height of the observer can affect the times of rise or set even more. It is not practical to attempt to include such effects in routine rise/set computations.

There may be a local weather service that you might be able to query for sunrise and sunset that does take topology into consideration.

I also found this tool which claims to give you your terrain into account. I put in my address and the results were for March. I’ve no idea if they have an API or what the service may cost.