Astro with angle offset

Dear all,

I want to use the astro binding in combination of the time of the day concept. This works in principle. Nevertheless, I could not find the right trigger yet as civil dusk and dawn are not ideally matching my needs considering darkness. Adding a time based offset helps but changes over the year being in the norther hemisphere (Germany).

I am wondering is there a smart way to add an offset angle based to this triggers? I also thought about using the sun elevation channel itself but this value changes all the time but maybe there is a smart way I do not consider how to integrate this into the ToD / Time based state machine concept.


The offset profile can be applied to link between channel and Item to apply a fixed correction

That won’t affect any triggers though.

I suspect your requirement is more complex though, adding or subtracting depending on phase of day? Use a rule (remember to deal with units of measurement in your maths).
That won’t affect any triggers though.

But also remember that you can make Astro Things with other dummy locations, a few degrees north or west of where really you are etc.