Astro2 not reflecting correct time after changing to DST

Until yesterday (no DST) the astro2 binding worked flawlessly, since today (change to Daylight Savings Time) the trigger events and DateTimes are off by one hour:

Snapshot #844, binding version

Example: civilDawn, earliest set to 08:30, no offset: DateTime shows 09:30, event is triggered also at 09:30:

DateTime item shows 09:30 instead of 08:30, local time on Raspberry is up to date.

pi@raspberrypi3:~ $ date
So 26. Mär 17:44:14 CEST 2017

I also tried DateTime for Sunset, same problem, off by one hour.

Maybe not a binding problem if related to


Okay, just a one day hickup, it is working now again (without any config changes):