atHomeEx switch value

Today I made first configuration GPS Tracker with Own Track (Installation on RP Openhab 3.x)

I noticed the that change only of name switch item on the different name than atHomeEx
cause the switch to stop reports correct state, after that always stay with NULL value, rollback to previously name atHomeEx cause that value back to normal value (ON)
This is normal behavior? , seems that switch name is hardcoded and we cant change it,
Please advice


The name of an item is fixed after initial setup. By recreating a new item, linked to the same channels, you can use a different name.

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Thank you for prompt response, Ive tried to add new item atHomeAA, but only first one shows correct value,

Switch atHomeEX “Home presence” {channel=“gpstracker:tracker:GPS:regionTrigger” [profile=“gpstracker:trigger-geofence”, regionName=“Home”]}
Switch atHomeAA “Home presence” {channel=“gpstracker:tracker:GPS:regionTrigger” [profile=“gpstracker:trigger-geofence”, regionName=“Home”]}

openhab> items list|grep -i atHome
atHomeAA (Type=SwitchItem, State=NULL, Label=Home presence, Category=null)
atHomeEX (Type=SwitchItem, State=ON, Label=Home presence, Category=null)



Any ideas ?


Sorry, No!

It’s really unlikely there is any magic word about the name “atHomeEx”.

Guessing, there is some kind of damaged link associated with that Item hiding in your JSONDB.

The simple avoidance is to delete that Item, abandon the name, and proceed with new Item of different name.

If you go looking in JSONDB be careful about hand editing, backup and only do it with openHAB stopped.

I agree that it is really weird, anyway I’ve tried use different item name, remove existed item, uninstall, install binding GPSTracking binding , but always behavior is the same,


Thank you both for the hints, the problem stopped appearing after cleaning JSONDB
Have a nice day!