Audi Connect binding?

Is this there someone who already tried to make a binding for Audi Connect?
Someone already created a python library:

I would like to help, but dont have the code skills.

In Home Assistent, they managed to get it working:
Aren’t there any openhab devs driving and Audi? :grin:

I’ll see if I can make one :slight_smile:
Created an issue on github to track this (


Nice! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Very interested as well!

Actually @markus7017 already started one, I’ll try to make it useable and contribute to it (carnet)

Cf this thread:

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let‘s work together, please switch to the other thread mentioned above

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I checked-in various updates.

Do you have WhatsApp? We could use this for quick-syncs.

Next step is syncing the vehicleHandler thing initialization with the Account login. For know the thing gets OFFLINE on a restart, because the token is missing.

I have Audi Connect and would be willing to test.


Me too if it helps

Nice, would also be interested in testing this. My current solutions is far from perfect - but it works for me.
I used the API by davidgiga1993 and his example script. I just added some lines for the data I wanted. Then I did

  • use node red to trigger the script execution (cronjob) and write raw json data to a text file
  • read text file via node red and parse data
  • reformat/convert the values for position, fuel, oil, temperature, vin and so on
  • write them to openhab items (e.g. the position string in a map item)
  • use them in a sitemap to get a nice view on my phone and wall-iPad

I know it is not perfect and definitly no solution for many users, but for me it works. I am not a professional developer, just have some basic dev skills in scripting.

Please check this topic:

a first preview is already availably