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Ciao a Tutti…sono riuscito a configurare il mio Google home per accendere le luci di casa…ma purtroppo non riesco a far funzionare l’automazione delle TAPPARELLE cosa sbaglio…

La stringa di comando che ho usato e questa:
Cartella THINGS=bus_automation LR_shutter “Living Room Shutter” [ where=“05”, shutterRun=“10050”]
Cartella ITEMS=Rollershutter iLR_shutter “Shutter [%.0f %%]” (gLivingRoom) [ “Blinds” ] { channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:LR_shutter:shutter” }

spero che potete aiutarmi…vi ringrazio tante

Hi all… I managed to configure my Google home to turn on the lights of casa…ma Unfortunately I can not operate the automation of the blinds what wrong…

The command string I used and this:
Folder THINGS = Bus_automation LR_shutter "Living Room shutter " [where = "05 ", Shutterrun = "10050 "]
Folder ITEMS = Rollershutter iLR_shutter "Shutter [%. 0f%%] " (glivingroom) [ "Blinds "] {channel = "Openwebnet: bus_automation: Mybridge: LR_shutter: Shutter "}

I hope you can aiutarmi…vi thank you so many

This tutorial might help:

Also see

You should give a command like this:
“Nome tapparella al 100%” to close it and
“Nome tapparella allo 0%” to open it
E.g. “tapparella cucina al 100%”

Google assistant do not support rolleshutters so you have to use this workaround

Also change the tag to “Lighting”

but if I already have an item rolleshutter connected to a rule that manages opening and closing, how can I command it with GH?

Why do you have a rule to manage a rollershutter?

Please post the rule and the item config

It’s a rule that I copied from a user on the community, which works very well with a shelly 2.5.

I’m trying to integrate the opening and closing commands with OH