August Smart Lock Battery Warning w/ Z-Wave

I added my August lock to my Z-Wave network a few months ago. Since then, I’ve been getting critical low battery warnings almost daily. According to the reported battery percentage I have over 75% left. Has anyone else experienced this?

Ha ha, I have the opposite problem. I get no battery warnings at all, all the way up to the batteries dying completely.

Is the lock operated with standard batteries (like AA or AAA)?
As far as I understand it battery warnings work by measuring the voltage. If you use rechargeable batteries instead of one-time-use batteries, the voltage might be slightly lower, resulting in an to-early battery warning…
(Please correct me if I got something wrong here #notabatteryexpert)

They are alkaline AA batteries (4x). I don’t use rechargeable to avoid that exact reason. It’s only reporting low from the August app. Zwave reports the voltage just fine.