Authentication asked twice when logging in personal cloud

Hi everybody, I’m struggling with an issue: got a personal ohcloud instance running fine. It’s a docker stack with mongo and redis running inside an Ubuntu host with apache2 acting as a reverse proxy.
The system is fine but when i load the page and login into ohcloud, as soon as i click on to reach the dashboard i’m asked for authentication again. The request has to be filled in through the browser authentication box and the username/password asked belongs to ohcloud database. If the auth goes ok i have my dashboard, if i enter wrong username/password i have a 401 “unauthorized”.

What am I missing?

Open the developer tools on your browser(F12) most likely your browser is establishing the session using the anonymous user account (due to you not having saved credentials in the browser) and your proxy and cloud instance are requesting authentication to grant access to the site, so the browser prompts you to enter credentials in order to reauthenticate the session as that identity provided in the authentication box.