Authentication using homematic binding


I want to secure the connection between openHAB and the Homematic CCU (in my case homegear). However, I cannot find related configuration parameters in the configuration. How to set SSL port or username/password?


I don’t see any SSL support for Homematic in the binding’s wiki page.

I agree.

But how I can secure the communication between the two parts? Otherwise, everyone in my network can open the door :fearful:

Either enhance the binding or write your own program to communicate with the Homematic device and forward them over some other connection that can be encrypted, such as MQTT.

And this is why I don’t use “smart” locks.

Since this Binding is Almost 3 years available and the Problem is still there, I have to trigger this question again.

Is it planend to introduce a Sign In function for the Homematic Binding? That Would be a massive Security Boost.

I think there are many users of Homematic and OpenHAB who would appreciate this function.

I Could Not find Workarounds or programs. If there are Any please notify me. Thank you.

Hello, another two years later and i would also be interested in it :slight_smile:

As soon as I find the time for it, I will try to implement authentication at least for the communication with a CCU resp. Raspberrymatic.