Author of the images in the documentation

Hi everyone,

I am currently doing a master thesis where the topic is; role-based access control for OpenHAB users. Once the master thesis is finished, I plan to create a post that contains what exactly I did, put my thesis, and links to my public implementation.

Right now I am writing the thesis and I want to use four pictures from the OpenHAB documentation. The images are the following:


If I reference these images by doing:
Image description (OpenHAB, updated 22 December 2020) [1]

Right after each image, where [1] cites the OpenHAB documentation as shown below.

[1]OpenHAB. Openhab documentation updated 22 december 2020. <https:
//>. accessed 5 April 2022.

And when I refer to the image in the text, I make:
some text /ref{to the image} (OpenHAB, updated 22 December 2020)

Can I cite these images? If so, is it correct to reference the images in the OpenHAB documentation in this way? Or do I have to cite the author of each image? If I have to cite the author of each image, where can I find the authors?

I hoop I have made myself clear.

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Nicolas Gennart.

I would start searching the docs git repo history and see who has contributed those images in the first place.

The same repo should indicate license for those images

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For exemple the following image:

was made by the creator of OpenHAB Kai Kreuzer when I look in the history at the top right of the above image.

If I mention the author Kai Kreuzer in the bibliography and when I mention the image, is that enough?

Thank you,

Nicolas Gennart.

Not sure if @Kai is fighting for his citation index. :wink: you can also reach him directly using mail listed on foundation page. As far I remember there was some academic initiative, but I am not sure where it ended up.


All content on the openHAB website is contributed to the openHAB project, so I would say it is not necessary to mention any individual author. It should be fine to cite it as being from the “openHAB project”.
Please note the correct spelling of openHAB, though: It is with a small “o”, not a capital “O”. :slight_smile: