Auto populate group with items based on item tag

Hi all,

Is there a way to automatically populate group items with items based on a tag?

For example, I have a group for battery status items. Instead of manually adding an item’s battery status to the group whenever I create a new one, I want to auto-insert these items based on their tag.



This has been discussed previously, and pretty much every time it comes up the final conclusion is it really doesn’t pass a cost/benefit analysis.

You could write a rule that keeps a group membership updated with a list of all items that share a tag, but 1) there’s no good event for triggering this rule so it’d have to just run periodically which seems pretty excessive, and 2) any manual change of a tag means you are either editing the item in a file or via the item page in the UI and in both cases it is very little additional effort to just also add the item to a group manually.

From my personal point of view, tags and groups are two fundamentally distinct ideas. I have 0 situations that I can think of where I have a 1:1 correspondence between a tag some group membership. I can see the the couple of instances where semantic tags, such as a battery tag might also make a functional group (although for me this is not the case as I have % level battery items and low threshold battery items), but these really are the exception and not the rule.

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