Autodiscovery Homeassistant with zigbee2mqtt error on bulbs only


I have OH3 with zigbee2mqtt running and try to get 2 different bulbs (Hue white and FlairColor by Hornach) configured via homeassistant autodiscovery…but no luck
OH it shwoing me no channels on the model.

I do have JINJA 3.3 and JSONPATH 3.3 installed and autodiscovery is working with some switches nicely.
In the logs I see when creating the thing:
2022-10-21 13:12:58.190 [WARN ] [ssistant.internal.DiscoverComponents] - HomeAssistant discover error: thing effect component type is unsupported: select
2022-10-21 13:13:00.219 [WARN ] [ab.binding.mqtt.generic.ChannelState] - Command ‘{“brightness”:71,“color”:{“x”:0.3125,“y”:0.329},“color_mode”:“xy”,“color_temp”:153,“color_temp_startup”:454,“linkquality”:54,“state”:“OFF”}’ from channel ‘mqtt:homeassistant_zigbee2mqtt_5F0x00158d0006d70565:475a7e6d:zigbee2mqtt_5F0x00158d0006d70565:0x00158d0006d70565_5Flight_5Fzigbee2mqtt#light’ not supported by type ‘ColorValue’: {“brightness”:71,“color”:{“x”:0.3125,“y”:0.329},“color_mode”:“xy”,“color_temp”:153,“color_temp_startup”:454,“linkquality”:54,“state”:“OFF”} is not a valid string syntax

I tried as well with clean-cache … not resolving this.
I read all(most) of the beginner stuff.
In zigbee2mqtt all legacy flags are off

Any tip what I’m missing or if it is a zigbee2mqtt related issue?


You can try and add them manually as a generic mqtt thing without the auto discovery.

First you must change In your config file or frontend of zigbee2mqtt.

output: attribute_and_json

This thread will explain how to add all the channels


Thank you very much for your reply.
i found this tutorial too and it helped me to connect my first zigbee devices.
But I’m trying to get the homeassistant integration especially with the color bulb done correctly. they shoud be exposed as well to alexa and google with full support.
So I would realy like homeassistent autodisc getting working with my devices in OH3.

So for me the question is:
Is OH3 not supporting homeassistant fully as it works for simple devices (for me) but not the more complex ones like bulbs? If yes this should be stated in the docu.
As this is not statet, homeassistant autodisc should work if I do everything right and there should be not workaround nessecary like creating adding things manually.
Or is there a bug in zigbee2mqtt homeassistant implementation

Does someone knows why I have the HomeAssistant discover error
it might be the reason I’m not getting the channels

btw this is the thing config and on a model I get the sensor but nothing else
UID: mqtt:homeassistant_zigbee2mqtt_5F0x00158d0006d70565:475a7e6d:zigbee2mqtt_5F0x00158d0006d70565
label: FlairColor1 (Sensor, Light, select)
thingTypeUID: mqtt:homeassistant_zigbee2mqtt_5F0x00158d0006d70565
- sensor/0x00158d0006d70565/linkquality
- light/0x00158d0006d70565/light
- select/0x00158d0006d70565/effect
basetopic: homeassistant
bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:475a7e6d


Martin I am not sure.

The mqtt HomeAssistant is a different standard that has to be adapted.

The documentation does state it’s limitations

I the release notes for the latest milestone build there has been changed made.


I personally don’t use the auto discover and use generic MQTT things and for my items so I can only offer an alternative.

Perhaps and update to latest milestone might allow you to use the auto discovery feature if not you will have to manually add them.


Hey thanks again.
Yes I have miss interpreted the limitation part and how you explain it, it makes sense.

I will switch back to the manual configuration as you suggested.

It is no longer an either or choice you can now do both. So the home assistant ones that are discovered can be used and you only have to add the problem ones manually.

Just add this to your configuration file in zigbee2mqtt

output: attribute_and_json

Good luck hope you get it working.

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