Automate roller blinds w/ a d28 ifit motor?

So i’m new here and i had an idea, i wanted to be able to control my blinds using either alexa or google assistant combined with OH and also some sort of smartphone app(not a priority), but also manually like with a button or something like that, the motor i though of using its a d28 ifit that i found in a LeRoy Merlin here in Portugal that has a remote control, so i though about using it has it already gives me a manually option and because it has an antena but because its not an wifi antena i dont think it can be easily implemented in OH(i saw some posts about using a wifi chip so there is hope there), i also though about using some sort of sensor to detect the blind position so i control it with more precision,im a programmer so that part doesn’t sound complicated to me and also i worked with Arduino and sensors like that before.
I have not purchased any materials yet but i do have a 3d printer and a raspberry pi ready to put to use, i just want to know if idea is possible to do and if you have any ideas or tips or even materials that i should buy like the motor to do this thing.