Automated Lighting via Multisensor

Hello! First post here. I haven’t used openHAB, but am considering it if it can help me achieve what I need to do with my lighting.

I would like to use a GE Smart Dimmer and an Aeotec Multisensor (or something along those lines) to control lights in a specific room. Basically, as the available outdoor light fluctuates throughout the day I want the lights to mimic those changes. For instance, full sun = 100% light intensity, nighttime = 0% light intensity, with every possible fluctuation in between (i.e a cloud going in front of the sun, overcast days) to be regulated via the luminosity sensor data controlling the dimmer. In real-time would be optimal, but if not then a method that allows the parameters to update at a small interval would be acceptable.

Is there a way to set up these kinds of controls via openHAB? I plan on using a z-stick on a windows tablet PC as the hub in this room specifically.

I do not see a reason why you cannot achieve what you want in principle; both devices seem to use Z-wave, so openHAB will be able to read the luminosity and dim your dimmer. That infrastructure is readily provided by openHAB. What is also provided, but will require your input, is the logic that would trigger the desired lamp behavior based on the outside brightness.
I would suggest for you to read the documentations to familiarize yourself with how openHAB works.

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