Automatic blind for narrow, long window

Hey there

I’m in a situation where I’d like to try and install an automated blind in a pretty narrow, long window (530mm wide x 2550mm long). Already have 2 Somfy-driven blinds on wider windows but our blind-guy is telling us that the new window is too narrow to put in a similar solution to the existing 2 windows.

So, I did a little more research since the original post and it looks like Dooya make motors that might suit my need here. Since we don’t have electrical power at the window location, I’m leaning towards a solar powered unit. There seems to be one model, DM25LEU/S, that might do the job and seeing as it’s a 433 MHz device I figure I can use my existing RFXTRX to manage it in OH. Anyone here have this model motor? If so, where did you purchase, I’m finding sources difficult to find. Would also be interested in your personal experience with this type/model of motor (reliability, etc)

Thank you