Automatically switch Default Sitemaps

Hello Smarthome enthusiats,

in HABPanel i know, that it is possible to automatically Switch the Panels by setting a item string.
Is this supported in Basic UI and therefore Android and IOS App too?
If not, anyone has an idea how to automate this?

My usecase is, that i want to get displayed the relevant Sitemap in the correct situation.
Example: When i enter my Home geofence, i want to get all relevant information and options displayed for 5 Minutes. The same, when i leave.
Another one: I turned on the TV in Living Room. Give me relevant options for about 5 Minutes.

Best regards.

You can display or hide parts of a sitemap under the control of the state of some Item using the visibility= option

It’s worth mentioning that you can display HABPanel in the Android app now too.

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